High Blood Sugar? Eat Mango!

Do you want to get high blood sugar under control? Eat a mango every day.

Does that really work?

According to the research, which was just presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, obese adults who ate just half a mango a day saw their high blood sugar fall like a house of cards in a hurricane after just 12 weeks! (source)

These people did not do anything else to lower their blood sugar – they just ate one serving of mango a day.

Drugs = Side Effects | Mango = Nope

What’s more, there are no side-effects to eating mangos:

not associated with serious side effects such as negative effects on bone that is linked with the use of rosiglitazone, a drug commonly used to lower blood sugar. (source)

In a study with mice, making mango part of the daily diet even worked better than medication:

the 1% mango diets have a similar or even a more pronounced effect in reducing blood glucose than the diet containing rosiglitazone. (source)

The Simple Rules Of Good Health

There has been a tremendous increase in the quantity and kinds of exercise systems available to buy. It may be a good suggestion to consider using a heart rate monitor as a component of one’s own physical activity program. The Ekho Heart Monitor is one of the many types of heart rate monitors available.

Heart Disease In Relation To Physical Fitness

Scientific medical study indicates there’s a relationship linking cardiovascular disease and lack of regular exercise. Simply by incorporating a workout routine into one’s own life, you will minimize the chances of you ever having to manage heart ailments. If you have heart disease, you may want to consult with your healthcare practitioner first of all prior to participating in exercising.

The heart is just a muscle like any other muscle of the body; for that reason, physical exercise will strengthen your heart. By simply exercising, you’re circulating blood through the entire blood stream, and additionally increasing the entire strength of your entire body. Just several of the important things about exercising regularly will most certainly be protecting against osteoporosis, decreasing body fat, reducing stress, and additionally increasing your actual energy levels.

Warning Signs And Risk Factors Of Heart Disease

Heart Illness is one of the most truly serious diseases that occur. Cardio Illness is also somewhat widespread in this particular day and age, as a result of the sort of life styles we live. Our body system will most certainly show signs any time we begin to become unfit. Blood pressure and additionally cholesterol levels tend to be two usual signs that you might be in danger of a coronary heart attack. Using tobacco and too much drinking could as well put you in real danger of a coronary heart attack. Of those that do suffer acute coronary heart illnesses, 60% of them usually are people who smoke.

Facts About Women & Heart Disease

It has been generally considered that heart illness is considered more of a problem with guys than it is with women; never the less, the actual number of women suffering from coronary heart disease complications has recently been on the rise. Well known causes of coronary heart disease in women are usually overweight, lack of an adequate amount of physical exercise, genetics, age, in addition to high cholesterol.

Women of African American ancestry have a increased likihood of developing cardiovascular health issues when compared with those of white Caucasian women. Latinos, Pacific Islanders, along with Aboriginal women in the Americas have higher probabilities of experiencing cardiovascular health related complications compared to those of white Caucasian females.

Subsequent to menopause, women will certainly experience changes in their cholesterol levels and also their bodies will produce less estrogen. Hormone replacement treatment used to be quite often used during a woman’s post-menopausal phase. Significant medical studies have demonstrated that hormone treatments causes risks for a variety of medical-related conditions and health threats, which includes stroke, cancer, along with heart disease. Today, according to the latest medical findings, it is considered to be more favourable for women to maintain their wellness simply by avoiding obesity, not using tobacco, choosing wholesome foods, and additionally exercising frequently.

Summary Of How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

In summarizing, everyone will live significantly more healthy lives and in addition enjoy a considerably healthier heart just by adopting a healthful way of life. This obviously means consuming wholesome nutritious foods, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and restricting your consumption of alcoholic beverages.

How To Cure A Bashful Bladder

For those who suffer from Shy Bladder Syndrome (or Paruresis which is the scientific name), there are two crucial things you must know:

You are not alone – according to the latest studies more than 17 million people suffer from this problem … and

There is a solution!

Paruresis can also be termed as Shy Bladder Syndrome, Urophobia, and Psychogenic Urinary Retention. It’s described as a traumatic psychological condition that means an individual is not able to pee any time they are under the impression others can see and hear them. Also, scenarios like being on a moving vehicle such as a airplane or a bus can prevent an individual from being able to use the bathroom.

The condition is nothing to be ashamed of as at least 7% of the population suffers from it – of course, if you are a Paruresis sufferer not being ashamed is much easier said than done. It can also be very detrimental to your well-being. If you avoid drinking just so you don’t have to use a public rest room, you are asking for trouble. A number of sufferers avoid ‘going’ for 10 – 20 hours a time. Not urinating for this length of time can be extremely tough on your bladder and kidneys and can lead to the development of stones in either organ, or cystitis which unfortunately is also very painful.

A delay just before urination in public places is completely natural … it’s a natural survival response – we are vulnerable while urinating and thus need to ensure that the environment is secure before we continue. The problem that Shy Bladder Syndrome sufferers have is that the delay triggers an anxious reaction, that further increases their inability to urinate. As anxiety levels escalate, the brain perceives the environment as being increasingly unsafe. As a consequence, the body’s internal sphincter shuts thus making it impossible to pee.

Shy Bladder Syndrome truly is one of those ‘nightmare conditions’ and severely effects the overall happiness of one’s life. For example, severe sufferers may find it difficult to travel very far from their home and others might find it extremely hard to urinate even in their own home if they can hear someone else there.

Shy Bladder Syndrome is often traced back to a toilet experience that triggered a lot of stress and anxiety. From then on, the person simply wasn’t able to ‘go’. However, blame is more often than not cast upon a specific event that occurred during the early adolescent years. These incidents typically involve some type of teasing or harassment while trying to use the restroom.

The strength of the unconscious mind is undeniable. In order to be cured, it requires retraining. Fortunately for sufferers of Paruresis, this is possible.

Hypnotherapy is the one and only treatment. You weren’t born with Paruresis, you learned it. Now it’s time to unlearn it. Imagine being able to walk into a toilet, do your business, wash your hands, and stroll out confidently without giving a 2nd thought to the condition that once imprisoned you. It’s time to get this swiftly taken care of; wouldn’t you agree?

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Paruresis PDF

There is a informational brochure from the better health channel from Australia about shy bladder syndrome (paruresis). You can download the brochure in PDF format at the following link:


It contains some general information on the condition and what can be done about it and makes an interesting read for people with a shy bladder.

Diabetic Foods to Avoid – It is Bad to Eat All

Here is an article about foods that you should avoid if you have diabetes. What’s interesting is that many people do not even know when they have diabetes Type II, and if you urinate a lot or are often thirsty you should read up on the signs of diabetes to see if you might have it.

If you are diabetic, here some advice on what you can do to improve your condition a bit:

– – –

Being a diabetic is a serious condition that imposes certain complications to the body. If you are a diabetic, you have a list of diabetic foods to avoid. It is important that you understand your diabetic condition so that you can have a certain level of control over it with a healthy diet plan. There are many secrets to consuming healthy diets and these secrets, once you get to know of them, will help you bring your diabetic condition under control. As you try and learn about which foods to avoid and which to eat, you will come across many different types of diets each of which will ask you to eat this and avoid that.

Many foods to avoid are out there that will harm your health. Having learned about the foods to avoid, you then will need to absolutely cut them out of your diet no matter how tempting they are or how addicted you have become of them. Once you have begun to notice diabetes symptoms, you need to act fast and start thinking about diabetic foods to avoid and other means of controlling the disease. Failure to act in time and not curtailing eating harmful diet can even cost you your life. For diet controlled diabetes, here are some foods to keep off and deny as a precautionary measure to lower sugar levels.              

Diabetes Foods to avoid:

o    Sugary sweets, ghee added sweets and cold drinks with refined sugar must be totally banned from your diet. Foods containing rich sugar instantly increase blood glucose.

o    Fats are not good for your health. Fat omega-6 is an obstacle for glucose to reach cells. So, all synthetic oil foods should be avoided.

o    White flour as well as white bread, white rice rich in carbohydrates and low cellulose like potato are the major diabetic foods to be avoided as much as possible

o    Consuming red meat and eggs with yoke can do more harm than good things.

o    Honey and dairy products are to be avoided for diabetics.

o    You will also need to totally exclude caffeine from your diet.

o    Fried items, gravies, sauces, casseroles, salad dressings.

o    Candy, cake, diabetic cookie recipes, ice-cream and mints.

o    Condensed milk, skimmed milk powder and sweet butter are strictly prohibited for diabetics.


Besides eliminating certain items from your diet, you need to also control the quantity that you consume. Being overweight as a result of overeating will negate all the good work that has been done by sticking to a diabetic diet plan. Overeating will cause your blood sugar levels to rise and worsen your diabetic condition. You could develop insulin resistance and you can even become obese. Other consequences include risk of strokes, heart attacks and developing metabolic diseases.

Controlling diabetes is an art. Along with the above diabetic foods to avoid, you can control your blood sugar by knowing about the foods to eat AND fruits to eat for diabetes.


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Paruresis Mugs?

I was really surprised when someone offered me a paruresis mug!

I mean, it’s not exactly the kind of thing you would want to carry around in your office – unless you’re completely different from me. But apparently, there are people who want such a mug – or at least people who think that somebody would want such a mug.

If you don’t want a mug, but a shy bladder treatment check out our article!

Calculating In Your Head To Overcome Paruresis?

I have to say this is one of the most creative ways of coping with paruresis I’ve ever heard of. This guy says he is affected by the shy bladder syndrome, but not an extreme case.

He found a trick how he can deal with it:

When going in a public restroom, I generally have no problem if I do multiplication problems in my head. It helps me relax and takes my mind off the worry of not getting the job done.

You might want to try that method out!

Paruresis – Not Just Afraid Of Public Bathrooms

EverydayHealth has published a short article on paruresis:

People with this phobia are afraid of urinating in public bathrooms. The fear may be so great that it interferes with their ability to go to school, to work, or to travel, and can result in dangerous retention of urine. The fear may start with a traumatic event in childhood. Some studies suggest that this phobia may affect as many as 17 million Americans.

It should be noted though that this is just one form – the most common though – of paruresis. Fear of urinating in public bathrooms is what most people know about, but the fears can be a lot more widespread. For example, some people are even afraid that others might hear the sound of them urinating in their own apartment.