Dry Skin And Diet

Nobody likes to have dry skin. But yet it’s a common condition for more and more people – in the summer because the climate is hot and air-conditioning has dry air, in the winter because indoor heat has a dehydrating effect.

This article will actually look at some causes of dry skin and how you can fix them by implementing small things in your diet that will help you to have a healther skin. This is so to speak a diet for dry skin.

One reason why dry skin often is a problem during summer months is that it is a sign of dehydration. If the body is dehydrated the first place this shows is often the skin.

So drinking lots of pure water is a good idea. The water should be warm, not cold. Room-temperature is fine too. However, the problem with drinking water also is that the water inside the cells doesn’t come from the water you drink, but from the metabolism of fats.

Eating avocado is also good. Just take an avocado, cut it in half, take out the flesh with a spoon, mash it, add some salt, pepper and lemon (or however else you like it flavoured) and eat it. In fact, avocado is good inside and outside – avocado face masks are also good for dry skin.

If you have a jucing machine – just get in the habit of drinking carrot juice. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and help to clean the liver. This will also have a good long term effect on your skin. Be aware that you should always consume carrot juice with some fat or oil – so you can just add milk to the carrot juice. Otherwise the nutrients of the carrot won’t be absorbed as effectively.

Many people who have dry skin live on a low-fat diet – the ratio of their carbohydrate – fat intake isn’t balanced. Thus, eating more fats like coconut oil, olive oil, a little flax oil or butter can help to do something about dry skin.

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