Dry Skin Hand Cream

Some people just have problems with their skin. Dry skin is becoming more and more common, and dermatologists notice a rising trend of people seeing them because they have a problem with dry skin.

Dry skin on your hands are not just a cosmetic problem. Because the skin has a protective function. It is supposed to shield you from germs and viruses from the environment. And there are lots of them. Just touch a single dollar bill and you’re in contact with around 1014 germs, according to a report of the Time magazine.

So how can you re-establish the protective quality of your skin?

From my experience the best way to approach this problem is twofold: prevention and care.

So, how to prevent that your skin dries out? Use less aggressive soaps when you wash your hands for example. I suggest pH-neutral soaps, which are generally best for this purpose.

Also, try to have a balanced diet. What you eat does have an impact on your skin. You should also drink a lot of water – but not cold water. Instead, drink water that has room-temperature or is warm.

When you wash your hands, use lukewarm water, not hot water. This will also be easier on yuor skin.

Now what about creams? There are so many different creams out there on the market that it’s hard to tell which one is best.

First important thing to realize though is that you should use a cream that is specially for your hands. Don’t just use a face cream or a body lotion if you have problems with dry skin on your hands. The skin on your hands is different from skin in other parts of your body and needs specially formulated ingredients.

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