High Blood Sugar? Eat Mango!

Do you want to get high blood sugar under control? Eat a mango every day.

Does that really work?

According to the research, which was just presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, obese adults who ate just half a mango a day saw their high blood sugar fall like a house of cards in a hurricane after just 12 weeks! (source)

These people did not do anything else to lower their blood sugar – they just ate one serving of mango a day.

Drugs = Side Effects | Mango = Nope

What’s more, there are no side-effects to eating mangos:

not associated with serious side effects such as negative effects on bone that is linked with the use of rosiglitazone, a drug commonly used to lower blood sugar. (source)

In a study with mice, making mango part of the daily diet even worked better than medication:

the 1% mango diets have a similar or even a more pronounced effect in reducing blood glucose than the diet containing rosiglitazone. (source)

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