How To Cure A Bashful Bladder

For those who suffer from Shy Bladder Syndrome (or Paruresis which is the scientific name), there are two crucial things you must know:

You are not alone – according to the latest studies more than 17 million people suffer from this problem … and

There is a solution!

Paruresis can also be termed as Shy Bladder Syndrome, Urophobia, and Psychogenic Urinary Retention. It’s described as a traumatic psychological condition that means an individual is not able to pee any time they are under the impression others can see and hear them. Also, scenarios like being on a moving vehicle such as a airplane or a bus can prevent an individual from being able to use the bathroom.

The condition is nothing to be ashamed of as at least 7% of the population suffers from it – of course, if you are a Paruresis sufferer not being ashamed is much easier said than done. It can also be very detrimental to your well-being. If you avoid drinking just so you don’t have to use a public rest room, you are asking for trouble. A number of sufferers avoid ‘going’ for 10 – 20 hours a time. Not urinating for this length of time can be extremely tough on your bladder and kidneys and can lead to the development of stones in either organ, or cystitis which unfortunately is also very painful.

A delay just before urination in public places is completely natural … it’s a natural survival response – we are vulnerable while urinating and thus need to ensure that the environment is secure before we continue. The problem that Shy Bladder Syndrome sufferers have is that the delay triggers an anxious reaction, that further increases their inability to urinate. As anxiety levels escalate, the brain perceives the environment as being increasingly unsafe. As a consequence, the body’s internal sphincter shuts thus making it impossible to pee.

Shy Bladder Syndrome truly is one of those ‘nightmare conditions’ and severely effects the overall happiness of one’s life. For example, severe sufferers may find it difficult to travel very far from their home and others might find it extremely hard to urinate even in their own home if they can hear someone else there.

Shy Bladder Syndrome is often traced back to a toilet experience that triggered a lot of stress and anxiety. From then on, the person simply wasn’t able to ‘go’. However, blame is more often than not cast upon a specific event that occurred during the early adolescent years. These incidents typically involve some type of teasing or harassment while trying to use the restroom.

The strength of the unconscious mind is undeniable. In order to be cured, it requires retraining. Fortunately for sufferers of Paruresis, this is possible.

Hypnotherapy is the one and only treatment. You weren’t born with Paruresis, you learned it. Now it’s time to unlearn it. Imagine being able to walk into a toilet, do your business, wash your hands, and stroll out confidently without giving a 2nd thought to the condition that once imprisoned you. It’s time to get this swiftly taken care of; wouldn’t you agree?

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