Natural Acne Cures

If you are looking for natural acne cures, then I want to congratulate you on your decision. Maybe you have already tried different acne treatments, maybe this is pretty much your first attempt to do something about your acne problem.

If you’ve already tried different acne treatments, then you probably found that some of them work in the short run, but very few really help in the long run.

acne cleansersThe most popular acne treatment options are often anti-acne creams, lotions and cleansers. These are popular, because they are widely available (pretty much in every drug store), cheap, and they in many cases can quickly improve your skin. However, the simple fact that there are so many acne treatments is already an indicator that they are not really effective in the long run. Because the creams, lotions and cleansers are usually the first thing people try out. If these would really help to cure acne permanently, then there would be no need to try other acne products.

Most people who tried these also find that it improves their acne condition in the short term, but can actually make things worse in the long run. For example, many cleansers are based on benzoyl-peroxide. This works great because it fights the P.acnes bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) effectively. However, the downside is that it can also make your skin dry and flaky. These cleansers also remove the skins natural oil layer. That is why you will quickly see your skin clearing up a bit. The problem is that you skin needs to have some oil in order to function properly. If you remove the oil, your body reacts by producing more oil in order to replace the oil that has been removed. (Actually it is not really oil, but rather sebum – however, because it is referred to as oil in general, we do so here too). This way, your sebacious glands are basically being “trained” to constantly produce too much oil, and your pores will end up getting even more clogged up in deeper levels, which will worsen your acne problem.

chemical acne treatmentsNatural acne cures are preferable, because they are not as aggressive to your skin. However, it is still important to use the right methods in a systematic way, and not just try around with different home remedies for pimples. Home remedies are well and fine – I tried and used different remedies myself, but it is important that you understand that most remedies are only designed to provide relieve, not a cure.

herbsIf you rely on home remedies alone, you will notice slight improvements, but for most people with persistent acne, they will still have an acne problem. The reason why so many people end up using harsh chemical treatments after having tried natural acne cures is because they just tried some home remedies, found that they did not get the results they wanted, and then conclude that “natural cures don’t work”. But if one does not use natural cures the right way, then of course they don’t work.

The truth is: if you follow proven methods to cure pimples naturally, you will see improvements within a couple of days, and might completely get rid of acne in a couple of weeks. What’s more – you will have gotten rid of acne permanently – so you won’t have to worry about acne remission, as is the case with so many other acne treatments.