Article on Dealing With A Shy Bladder

Alex Heinz recently published an article on “Ways of Dealing with a Shy Bladder”.

This mechanism is of a subconscious nature and you can’t really influence it unless you start paying close attention to what you are thinking and feeling from the moment on, when you decide to go to the toilet. Your subconscious mind likes to make things short, so it creates a lot of shortcuts consisting of automatic physical, mental and emotional reactions comparable to a computer program. In general this strategy is quite useful – for example if it makes complex tasks like driving a car much easier. Without the help of the subconscious mind driving would always remain the same complex tasks it was, when sitting in the car for the first time. But with routine it becomes easier and easier. The dark side of this mechanism is that the subconscious mind does not distinguish between “good and helpful” and “bad”. It just fulfills its tasks without questioning them. It is like a soldier.

That’s actually quiet a good way of looking at the working of the subconscious mind and how it’s involved in shy bladder syndrome.

Paruresis is just the result of uncontrolled subconscious thought processes and their respective physical reaction (the release of adrenaline which tenses your muscles) and can easily be overcome if you are patient and make an effort. You can really make the change if you are willing to face your fear.

Again, this is correct. While many experts focus only on the medical things involved in paruresis, the psyche is very important.

Paruresis: Ways To Cope

The International Paruresis Association recently published an article that describes coping mechanisms of people with shy bladder syndrome.

“One man took a job as a janitor so if he had to go, he could just put out a sign. And a guy in the U.S. Navy back in the ’40s or ’50s told us he signed up for latrine duty because of it.”

Growing up in Royal Oak, Mich., Mike O’Rourke, 43, attended a local community college for one reason: It was nearby. He stretched out his schedule so he could

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