Stop Ear Ringing

If you are looking for a way to stop ear ringing, then it’s important that you first understand some basic facts about tinnitus (which is how medical experts refer to the symptom that we describe as ear ringing).

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First of all, it is not a real disease that poses a threat to your health – but it is a nuisance that can cause you serious psychological stress and impact the quality of your emotional well-being dramatically.

Note also that millions of people suffer from the same problem – statistics show that just in the United States of America there are about 36 million tinnitus sufferers.

There are different kinds of ear ringing, for example, for some people the sound is continuous. That means they hear the sound all the time, steadily. For others it’s a pulsating sound, often synchronous to their pulse, and in some cases the sound is coming and going intermittently.

What Causes Ear Ringing?

There are many possible causes of tinnitus. Your inner ear is where your hearing nerve ends – oftentimes the nerve endings are damaged and can create these false sounds. Diseases of the ear drum, infections, ear bone conditions can also lead to these symptoms. Taking high amounts of aspirin also can cause ear ringing, and oftentimes, it’s the brain that makes you “hear” the annoying ringing.

Oftentimes there is also a relationship between high emotional stress levels or anxiety and the ear ringing, but it is not clear whether the anxiety can cause tinnitus or the tinnitus causes anxiety.

Treatment Options

Unfortunately, many tinnitus sufferers are told that they simply have to “live with it” in the hope that it will go away on it’s own. And it’s true that conventional medicine hasn’t devised an effective tinnitus treatment yet.

The advice that people are often given is to reduce salt intake, have their blood pressure checked, get adequate sleep, avoid stress and loud noises or to use sound masking devices. These devices basically make a sound that covers up your tinnitus or helps to distract you from it, but you still hear it. It might just bother you a bit less. This is specially helpful for people who experience tinnitus mostly when they go to bed and it’s very quiet.

There’s also a surgery for tinnitus – it can often temporarily relief the ringing noise, but in most cases, the symptoms will re-appear within less than two years, and in many cases just months.

There are also health supplements, pills, biofeedback training and other methods available, but the problem is that in order to really stop ear ringing permanently, you need a systmatic approach, a proven method that has demonstrated it’s ability to consistently help people overcome this problem. Fortunately, such a method exists.

This method can help you to silence the most annoying ringing in your ears within just one week and completely eliminiate tinnitus (permanently) in 60 days or less. No risky surgeries or medications that have potentially dangerous side-effects.

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