Tips For Extremely Dry Skin On Hands

I had extremely dry skin on my hands. It was not just uncomfortable but also embarrasing. It looked strange…

I even went to a dermatologist but he just recommended me a lotion (which didn’t work). He told me to not wash my hands so often and use a soft soap and drink a lot of water (which also didn’t really help me. Maybe that’s enough for people who have a LITTLE dry skin, but I really had SEVERY dry skin on my hands!).

A friend of mine recommended Olay Quench to me… I trust her, so I tried it. But it still didn’t work for me.

Everybody told me to use vaseline, but that was one of the first things I did (also to no avail).

So what helped finally? Ok, it’s a bit strange, but it works! It’s a kind of glove that you put on. The glove has some gel inside, and you just leave your hands in it for a couple of minutes and then pull it out and they will feel great. And not greasy like when you use some heavy cream.

It also smells really nice (like orange). I don’t know why it works so good, but don’t just trust me – try it for yourself, I am sure it will help you to.

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